Carton Flow Pallet Rack


Carton Flow Pallet Racks are another first-in/first-out system (FIFO), as product is loaded at the back of the system and retrieved in the front. Carton Flow Pallet Racks are available as a standalone unit or, more popularly, used within Selective Pallet Racks where palletized inventory is stored above then broken down into individual SKUs and loaded into the system. Carton Flow trays sit on clips and are easily adjustable.Carton Flow Rack can drastically increase efficiency by reducing walking time and labor costs up to 75% as well as store the same amount of items in just 1/2 the space! Options for tray lanes include clip-in tracks, lane dividers, or lay-in trays with full width rollers.
Carton Flow Rack is also known as: gravity flow rack, carton flow, flow rack, carton flow, gravity flow, case flow, and many other names in the industry.

Advantages of Carton Flow Pallet Rack:

  • First-in/first-out system system ideal for high volume order picking – merchandise is better organized and is much easier to pick/find
  • Can be designed to work with existing selective pallet rack systems
  • Carton flow uses much less floor space in warehouses
  • Offers better control over your inventory because products are visible at all times
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Improved efficiency, lower labor costs, and increased productivity for stockers and pickers


Carton Flow Pallet Rack
Carton Flow Pallet Rack
Carton Flow Pallet Rack

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