Drive-In Pallet Rack


Drive-In racking systems typically utilize a LIFO inventory system. Drive-Thru Rack Systems load from one side and unload from the other for FIFO inventory retrieval. Both terms are often used interchangeably.

Drive-In Pallet Racks are another high density solution. A forklift drives into the system and deposits pallets on rails that run the depth of the system. This Drive-In Pallet Rack System is ideal for storing SKUs or pallets of similar sizes. A Structural Pallet Rack is required due to the nature of the system and the close proximity of fork lifts to the frames.
While standard selective pallet rack is an excellent solution for many warehouses, if your warehouse has a large volumes of like-product with a large number of pallets – drive in pallet rack may be the ideal storage solution for you. There are a number of advantages.

Advantages of Drive In Rack


  • Allows for much higher density storage vs. traditional multi-aisle selective rack systems. A Drive In Pallet Rack System can take up to 80% less space compared to a selective rack system while still providing the same amount of storage space.
  • Last in, first out (LIFO) inventory retrieval system.
  • Eliminates the need for numerous aisles.
  • Favors high-density storage rather than the selectivity of selective pallet rack.
  • Decreased storage and retrieval time which results in increased efficiency in workers.
  • Cost effective solution.
Drive In Pallet Rack
Drive In Pallet Rack
Drive In Pallet Rack

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