Roll Form Pallet Rack


The traditional warehouse storage product is a Roll Form Pallet Rack. It can be configured to meet most capacity and seismic requirements. Decking options include wood or steel front to backs and wire decking.
Roll Form Pallet rack is the most diverse and the most popular pallet rack in the industry, it also easy to maintain. Roll form rack is most commonly manufactured in a “teardrop style”. The name comes from the teardrop-shaped holes on the columns of the uprights. The pallets rest on horizontal beams and because the clips on the teardrop arrangements can be easily moved, the shelves can be configured to different heights. This is what allows roll form rack to meet most capacity requirements which gives it such versatility.

Advantages of Roll Form Pallet Rack


  • Easy to Assemble. Offers a universal system for direct access to each pallet
  • Adaptable to the volume, weight, and size of many different products making it ideal for warehouses storing products with various sizes. Teardrop style is interchangeable amongst manufacturers.
  • Roll Form Pallet Rack is cost-effective and are less expensive to buy and install.
Roll Form Pallet Rack
Roll Form Pallet Rack
Roll Form Selective Rack

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