Structural Pallet Racks


When capacities exceed the capabilities of Roll Form Pallet Racks, Structural Pallet Racks are an alternative. Frames are made with 3” 4” or 5” channels and are reinforced with structural bracing. Structural frame capacity can reach 56,000 lbs., while beam capacities can rate as highly as 20,000 lbs. per pair.


Structural Pallet Rack are used in predominately high-traffic areas and can take more abuse than roll formed racks. Structural racks are also used in tight quarters, such as coolers and freezers.

Advantages of Structural Pallet Rack


  • Made of structural steel with reinforced channels and feature thicker columns.
  • It can withstand far greater force of impact than rolled steel in the event of an accidental collision. Structural pallet racks are designed to prevent damage from forklifts as they feature a much sturdier construction. They are bolted together and welded with AWS-certified standards.
  • Extremely durable and high-strength for increased rack capacity and long lasting performance.
  • Versatile – Can offer a wide range of different designs and varying load capacities.
  • Structural Pallet Rack can also be incorporated into the structure of the storage facility itself so so that the uprights are simultaneously used to support the roof of the building itself in place of the building’s vertical support beams.
Structural Pallet Rack
Structual Pallet Rack

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