Rivet Style Boltless Shelving



Rivet Style Shelving has become the shelving of choice for so many applications. At one time, it was used predominately for bulk and archive storage. Now, RiveTier shelving is used for retail storage, healthcare storage, garage storage, office and filing storage, and warehouse storage of all sizes. The components of Rivet Style Shelving are all boltless, and units can be assembled with a mallet – reducing installation costs by 30% – 40%. It can also be used in seismic conditions without adding any additional bracing.


Rivet Style Shelving Systems are offered in six different types of units. Whether it’s Long Span Shelving, Low Profile Shelving, Z-Beam Shelving, or a Multi-Level System, Rivet Style Shelving can fit your storage requirements.


Some key features of Rivet Style Shelving

  • Simple Assembly – No additional hardware needed
  • Structural Integrity – 14 gauge & 16 gauge steel components
  • 4 side access to stored items with open style shelving units
  • 4 types of beams available that will handle virtually any storage need (from a 12” x 12” shelf to a 48” x 96” shelf)
  • Decking Options: Particle Board, Melamine Coated Particleboard (MCP), and Wire Decking


RiveTier Boltless Shelving
Rivet Style Shelving
Rivet Style Boltless Shelving

Typical Storage Applications for Rivet Style Shelving

  • Office & Filing Storage – office supplies, archive storage, and filing.
  • Retail Storage – shoes, apparel storage, electronics, boxed merchandise, cosmetics, appliances, RTA furniture, etc.
  • Material Handling Storage – parts, warehouse equipment, and tools.
  • Healthcare Storage – archival records, linens, supplies.
  • Restaurant Storage – Food and beverages, supplies, equipment.

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