Used Drive In Pallet Rack Sale

4 Deep and 5 Deep Drive-In Pallet Rack


For cost-effective and high-density storage, Drive-In Pallet Rack takes maximum advantage of available space. With its minimal number of aisles, our inventory of used Drive-In Rack can store up to 75% more pallets compared to selective pallet racking. Our Used Drive in rack allows storage of products by providing a Last-In-First-Out (L.I.F.O) storage method. This batch of drive-in rack is in very good condition (Storcoor Rack Condition = 8), disassembled, and ready for pickup in Pennsauken, NJ.


NOTE: This material has been sold. Please check back regularly for more used drive in rack. This page is updated on a weekly basis.

4 Deep, floor + 3 levels | 32 bays – 48″ Wide x 16′ Deep | SOLD
$50 $45 per pallet position
5 Deep, floor + 3 levels | 25 bays – 48″ Wide x 20′ Deep | SOLD
$50 $45 per pallet position

Note: The maximum pallet weight for this drive-in rack is 2000 LBS.


FOB Pennsauken, New Jersey


used drive in rack

Drive-In Rack

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StorCoor Exclusive Product Condition Guide

Old, rusted and damaged (not resellable).
Old, rusted and damaged (resellable).
Rusted and damaged (resellable).
Old, slightly rusted and or some damage.
Old, slightly rusted, no damage.
Good condition with slight rust.
Good condition (with labels)
Good condition.
Great condition (mix of new and used).