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Used Steel Shelving Units Sale


Our used industrial steel shelving is the most popular type of used shelving for industrial and commercial applications. Available in a variety of styles including: open style, closed style, and clip style shelving. The open style steel shelving is an inexpensive storage solution which is completely open – no side panels or back panels – this allows for instant visibility of all products on the shelves when it is required.


These types of steel shelving units are ideal for industrial and commercial storage uses when inventory is being loaded by hand. To save floor space, all of the industrial steel shelving units can be placed against the walls.


We carry only the highest-grade used industrial steel shelving, used clip style shelving, used rivet style shelving, and more from the top industrial shelving manufacturers like Tennsco, Tri-Boro, Interlake, Penco, Western Pacific Storage Solutions (WPSS), and LYON. All of our used open shelving units are disassembled and ready to go. They come with shelves, hardware, braces. Check out our current selection of used shelving units for sale – priced to sell- and conveniently stocked in our warehouse right outside of Philadelphia, PA or Call us now for a quote at (610) 328-7666


NEW Industrial Steel Shelving for Sale!

New Industrial Steel Shelving at Used PricesNew Blue and Gray Freestanding Shelving 36″w x 30″d x 87″h – 5 shelves/unit

We’re liquidating 40+ units of 36″w x 30″ d x 87″ h steel shelving. The shelves are a nice cool blue color. (posts, back braces, and side braces come in our stock gray color) This is all open shelving for easier access to items and for visual inventory. These shelves and all hardware are in BRAND NEW condition.
Regular price for comparable industrial steel shelving at Grainger or ULINE: $174.00 each
OUR PRICE: $100.00 (Over 50% less)
SPECIAL OFFER – Buy 4 Units Get 1 Free!
Available for Pickup in Broomall, PA
Starting at 5 shelves per unit for only $100 each. Your choice of number of shelf levels, for additional shelf levels, add $25 for each additional shelf.
– 800 lb shelf capacity
– Includes: (5) shelves, (4) posts, (20) compression clips, (1) pair of back sway braces, (2) pairs of side sway braces
– Versatile – Whether you need storage for office files, restaurant storage, investment and trading firms for storing supplies and files, or many material handling applications, this shelving can work for you.
Z beam Shelf Supports:
– Span up to 72″
– Up to 2400 lbs weight capacity per shelf
– Top of beam flush with top of shelf, protecting the edge and giving the unit a cleaner appearance
Current stock of material:
– 36 x 30″ sh – (390)
– 30 x 30″ sh – (20)
– 24 x 36″ sh – (12)
– 24 x 30″ sh – (24)
– ZS72 – Z Beam Shelf Support, 72″ (410)
– ZS60 – Z-Beam Shelf Support, 60″ (40)
– ZS30 – Z-Beam Shelf Support, 30″ (420)
– ZS24 – Z-Beam Shelf Support, 24″ (30)
– Back braces for 36″ SH (55 pairs)
– Side braces for 36″ SH (80 pairs)
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PENCO Clipper Shelving

Used Penco Clipper ShelvingS10 (a) – Used Penco Clipper Shelving 36″w x 12″d x 87″ h – 7 shelves/unit
Box Posts in front, angle posts in back. (Shown in pictures)

Take advantage of these low prices on Heavy Duty Quality Used Steel Shelving from PENCO! On sale for $55 per unit. These commercial shelving units we can modify for extra if needed. Available for Pickup – FOB – Broomall, PA

We will load it into your vehicle/truck for you! If you need it delivered, please ask about our freight rates (extra)


-PENCO (heavy duty – up to 400 lbs per shelf capacity)
-Open Style: No Side or Back panels for easy access to items
-Disassembled & Ready to Go: Includes shelves, hardware, & braces
-Features – Adjustable shelves using clips instead of cumbersome nut & bolt fasteners
-Ideal for commercial and industrial storage uses (retail outlets, stock rooms, garages, warehouses, fulfillment centers, and virtually any other storage use)
-Save on floor space
-Good Condition or better
-All Hardware, clips, and braces included
Item Descriptions:
S10(a) – Used Penco Clipper Shelving: SOLD OUT – 36″w x 12″d x 87″ h – 7 shelves/unit
Box Posts in front, angle posts in back. (See pictures)
S10(b) – Used Penco Clipper Shelving: SOLD OUT – 36″w x 12″d x 87″h – 7 shelves/unit
Angle posts front and back.
S10(c) – Used Penco Clipper Shelving: SOLD OUT – 36″w x 12″d x 75″h – 6 shelves/unit
Box posts in front, angle posts in back.


Penco ShelvingS10 – Used Penco Clipper Shelving


S1 Used Neiman Clip Shelving
S1 Pre-owned Nieman Clip Shelving
36” x 15” x 87″h, 6 shelves/unit – SOLD OUT
S2 Used Tri-Boro Clip shelving
S2 Pre-owned Tri-Boro Clip Shelving
36” x 15” x85” h, 5 shelves/unit – 1 Starter Unit
S3 Used Tri-Boro Clip Shelving
S3 Pre-owned Tri-Boro Clip Shelving
36” x18” x 85”h, 6 shelves/unit – SOLD OUT
S4 Used Tri-Boro Clip Shelving
S4 Pre-owned Tri-Boro Clip Shelving
48” x 15” x85” h, 6 shelves/unit – SOLD OUT
S5 Used Tri-Boro Clip Shelving
S5 Pre-owned Tri-Boro Clip Shelving
36” x 24“ x 85”h, 6 shelves/unit – SOLD OUT
S6 Used Tri-Boro Clip Shelving
S6 Pre-owned Tri-Boro Clip Shelving,
48” x 18” x 85”h, 6 shelves/unit – SOLD OUT
S7 Used Tri-Boro Clip Shelving
S7 Pre-owned Tri-Boro Clip Shelving
48” x 24” x 85″h, 5 shelves/unit – SOLD OUT
S8 Used Clip Shelving with Reinforced Shelves
S8 Pre-owned Clip Shelving with Reinforced Shelves
36” x 18” x 86.5″h, 6 shelves/unit – SOLD OUT
S9 Used Clip Shelving
S9 Pre-owned Clip Shelving
36” x 18” x 85″h, 6 shelves/unit – SOLD OUT

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StorCoor Exclusive Product Condition Guide

Old, rusted and damaged (not resellable).
Old, rusted and damaged (resellable).
Rusted and damaged (resellable).
Old, slightly rusted and or some damage.
Old, slightly rusted, no damage.
Good condition with slight rust.
Good condition (with labels)
Good condition.
Great condition (mix of new and used).