Wine Shelving


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For wine makers and DIYers, quality and price rarely go hand in hand – until now. Our versatile rolling wine carts have been proven to have many uses for wine makers all over the country. Whether you’re blending wine or storing up to 250L tanks, we’ve got the storage solution for you. Our rolling wine carts are made from industrial grade steel and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our New Wine Chariot Mobile Shelving System is designed to increase your bottle storage capacity by up to 200% or allow you to store the same amount in just 1/2 the space!


Rolling Wine Cart

Versatile Rolling Wine Carts

AS SEEN IN WINEMAKER MAGAZINE – Ideal for all types of wine making and wine storage. Available in various sizes from 18″ to 96″ wide.


  • Industrial Grade Steel
  • Unobstructed shelf access from all four sides.
  • Various choices of decking
  • Easily adjustable in 1 1/2″ increments.